NetDimensions LMS cannot connect to the database.

Without a database, connection NetDimensions LMS cannot start. Please check:

  1. Have you downloaded and installed the JDBC drivers (if using Microsoft SQL Server)?
  2. Is the User ID, password, and database connection string correctly set in
  3. Is the database running? Can you connect to it using another tool?
  4. Was the NetDimensions LMS database created properly and fully? Are all the tables and data available in it?
  5. If you are upgrading from an earlier version of NetDimensions LMS, and the upgrade kit contains a file named WEB-INF/web.xml, have you copied this file into your NetDimensions LMS installation directory?
  6. If applicable, has the audit schema upgrade been executed? Please ensure the audit schema is up-to-date.
For more help and further details please check in the NetDimensions LMS Troubleshooting Guide and your NetDimensions LMS Installation Guide. The stack trace in ekp.log will contain additional specific information that will help pinpoint the failure.